ManageOps Debuts “Follow-Me Data” Cloud Service

Follow-Me Data, the next big thing in cloud storage and back up.

Woodinville, WA, February 14, 2014– Today ManageOps announces the availability of Follow-Me Data as an enhancement to its cloud services. This new service solves one of the most frequent challenges when working within cloud environments: How to get to your data when there’s no Internet connectivity available.

Cloud computing is dependent upon a good Internet connection. Before, the lack of an Internet connection meant you had to settle for impaired productivity or make do with painful workarounds like downloading files in advance, bringing them with you, and manually uploading them later. Beginning today you are no longer stuck when connectivity is not available.

With Follow-Me Data, your important files are with you all the time. The service provides a folder on your client device (Windows, Mac, Android, tablets, Linux) that automatically synchronizes your changes the next time you connect to the Internet, creating a seamless user experience. For example, you can work with documents while on an airplane, and your files will automatically be synchronized when you arrive at your destination. Your colleagues will have access to your most recent work within seconds with no additional effort.

Another business challenge this solves is getting important company data off individual devices and into your cloud to insure privacy, security, and recovery. With Follow-Me Data, files are automatically secured on your company’s cloud any time Internet connectivity is available.

ManageOps specializes in complete hosted private cloud solutions that enable mobility, BYOD (bring your own device) programs, and deliver a more secure and reliable computing environment than most in-house solutions can offer. The addition of Follow-Me Data boosts our customers’ ability to work remotely, as documents will now be easily accessible from a variety of client devices whether they’re on or offline.

“One of the problems inherent in cloud computing is the synchronization of cloud data across multiple devices. Our new ‘Follow-Me Data’ feature uses industry leading cloud technology to solve one of our customers’ biggest challenges by synchronizing your data files to all of your client devices.” Says Scott Gorcester, CEO of ManageOps.

This feature can be provisioned for specific users, e.g., those who travel frequently, but can also empower users companywide. With Follow-Me Data service in your cloud, every employee can share documents and have the most recent versions at their fingertips in real time. Folders can be managed by an administrator to provide an additional layer of protection, while still granting granular access and security controls to users. For added security, there is a remote wipe option for all devices and desktops – making it possible to remotely remove confidential company data from a lost or stolen client device.

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