InterOp Las Vegas 2014


I spent the day at InterOp Las Vegas 2014 and for me it was “Geek Heaven”.  InterOp has always been one of my favorite technology trade shows, and this year didn’t disappoint. I have been told I don’t appear “geeky” but I am indeed a true geek through and through!  Walking the isles for hours absorbing all the latest technology is pretty good entertainment for any geek. Today I was impressed with technology from many vendors but there were a few standouts. Pogo Linux in partner with Sandisk is building some very impressive performance into several Storage Area Network products including Nexenta and OS Nexus QuantaStor. If you are in the market for a very high performance “Software Defined Storage” solution these are excellent choices that will outperform the big boys at a fraction of the cost. I spent some time in the Suse Linux booth chatting about their Open Stack Cloud products and promised to spin up a test of their solution when I return home. Stratus Technologies was another product that I believe is continuing to evolve with their recently acquired everRun High Availability/Fault tolerant server technology. I have worked with everRun since the 90’s and its always been a very impressive way to keep workloads running even when multiple components or even a whole server fails. This is done by using a slick mirrored server instance with two Virtual Machines running software in “lockstep”, which means the server Operating Systems and application software are running simultaneously on both servers, if one fails the surviving host simply keeps humming along like nothing happened. Of course top vendors Citrix, Cisco, HP, Dell, and many others were there in force. Interop was founded 26 years ago as a workshop on TCP/IP and has a rich history as a conference to raise the skills of technology professionals.

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