Great Windows 8.1 Experience!


Today I had a truly great Windows 8.1 experience! I know some might be skeptical, and I for one felt Microsoft faced some challenges with user acceptance of Windows 8. But I am a big fan of Windows 8 primarily because it provides a multi-computer experience in one device. My “truly great Windows 8.1 experience” came while setting up a new laptop. We all dread setting up or refreshing a laptop because historically it’s been difficult and time consuming to transfer files and settings. But it’s a new day for Windows, and transferring all of my settings, metro apps, and data was as simple as logging into my Microsoft Live account and answering a few questions. First question after providing my live credentials was to enter my wireless security code, second question was “we found this computer on your network that belongs to you, do you want to copy the settings to this computer” and BAM all of my settings and data began streaming to my new PC. This was a truly great Windows 8.1 experience!

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