XenDesktop 4 Campus-Wide Licensing

Effective today (12/7/09), qualifying institutions can take advantage of Citrix’s new campus-wide licensing for XenDesktop 4. This is an annual license (meaning that you pay this every year) that is based on the concept of “Full Time Equivalents” (FTEs). For example, an FTE student is defined as either:

  • One student attending the educational institution on a full-time basis, or
  • Three students attending the educational institution on a part-time basis.

The suggested pricing is as follows:

  • XenDesktop Platinum – $29/year/FTE
  • XenDesktop Enterprise – $19/year/FTE
  • XenDesktop VDI – $9/year/FTE

There are several other things you need to know if you want to take advantage of the campus-wide pricing model:

  • For K-12 educational institutions, a “campus” may be defined as a single school, or as an entire school district. Either way, all FTE students must be licensed – either all FTE students attending that single school, or all FTE students in all schools within the district.
  • For higher educational institutions, a “campus” may defined as “a school or department, an individual location, or an entire multi-campus university.” For example, it could be the entire University of YourState, the University of YourState SpecificCity Campus, or just the University of YourState School of Engineering. Again, whichever definition you choose, you must license all FTE students that fall within that definition.
  • You are not required to license faculty and staff, but if you choose to do so, you must license 100% of them, “using the same FTE calculation as your Microsoft Campus or School Agreement.”
  • You must hold an active Microsoft Campus or School Agreement. The Citrix definition of “FTE” is deliberately designed to align with the definition Microsoft uses in these agreements.
  • To qualify for a campus-wide agreement, you must be:
    • “A school organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes, such as a correspondence school, junior college, college, university, scientific or technical institution, which is accredited by associations recognized by either the Department of Education and/or the local Education Authority, and that teaches students as its primary focus.” – or –
    • “The district, regional, or state administrative office of an entity described above, if the office is organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes.” – or –
    • “A hospital, healthcare organization, medical testing laboratory, non-profit museum or public library which is wholly owned by an entity described above. By way of example, the hospital or library of a university meeting the requirements would be part of the customer for purposes of this Agreement.” – or –
    • “Any administrative office or Board of Directors that controls, administers, or is controlled by or administered by an entity described above may also participate.”
  • There is a minimum purchase requirement of 1,000 licenses. You don’t necessarily have to have 1,000 students, you just have to buy 1,000 licenses.

You can find more information in this Citrix Community blog post by Sumit Dhawan.

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