What can we learn from Computer System AntiVirus Strategies – Part 1 of 3

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As a long time computer tech/systems engineer I am well versed in AntiVirus techniques. In the IT world we have a veritable toolkit full of software, hardware, and cloud based services to identify, prevent, block, clean and anhilate computer based Viruses. In the computer world virus are generally unseen threats created by programmers to do various things to your computer systems, they often are designed to be stealthy, highly contagious, able to make your servers, software, and data sick, locked until you pay a ransom, or simply permanently deleted. Software virus’ and malicious software also hides itself, stays alive and dormant, to strike even after you’re convinced its gone, or just reinstalls on your very next reboot. In IT circles we use terms like outbreak, infection, perimeter defenses, firewalls, quarantine, disinfect, clean, and we sometimes worry about running out of tp. This all sound familiar. In my next blog post I will talk about how we prepare and what we do in an outbreak. This will sound familiar too.

Scott Gorcester 3/18/2020 (Snohomish “ground zero plus two Zombie Apocolypse”)

P.S. The Zombie Apocolypse comment is tongue in cheek