ManageOps Reviews

Many small and medium businesses run their IT systems through ManageOps. Here’s what some of them had to say:

I am thoroughly pleased with the tech support that ManageOps provides. Their help desk is more than knowledgeable and when they did not have an immediate answer, they had access to the appropriate resource and promised to solve the issue and get back to me. Their straight forward approach and extensive resources saved me precious time and helped me get my client back up and running quickly.

Another thing that really impressed me was their follow up. ManageOps’s tech mentioned he would be in a meeting, but he checked in with me during his meeting and followed up afterwards with an email and phone call. I have not experienced that level of support, and it is refreshing to know that ManageOps’s staff is willing to go the extra mile for me. There is a lot riding on this implementation of Marathon, and from what we see, this will not be our last.

I highly recommend ManageOps as a vendor you can trust and rely on to get the job done properly!

Ioane BurnsSenior IT Engineer | Pacific Security Integrations