It’s Official – XenApp 6 Is On the Way

As most of you know, XenApp 5 is not compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2. Citrix has been working diligently on an R2-compatible version. The “technology preview” has been out for several weeks now. Apparently the new product is sufficiently different that Citrix decided it warranted a major release number – so a few days ago, Citrix announced the release of XenApp v6. Here are some of the high points of the new release:

  • The biggie, of course, is compatibility with Windows Server 2008 R2. This means, among other things, that it will be a 64-bit-only release (since R2 is strictly 64-bit). And that has obvious implications for things like print driver and application compatibility.
  • New setup wizards reportedly cut installation time in half.
  • New “AppCenter” application management console. Includes the ability to manage and deliver streamed apps using both Microsoft App-V and Citrix application streaming from a single point.
  • Better integration with Microsoft management tools, including PowerShell.
  • “HDX” (High Definition User Experience) support for:
    • Real-time audio and video collaboration using Microsoft Office Communicator and VoIP soft phones
    • CD-quality audio with 90% less bandwidth
    • Plug-n-play support for USB devices like Point-of-Sale interfaces, webcams, microphones, scanners, digital cameras, etc.
  • Support for the new “Dazzle” self-service application storefront
  • New Citrix Receiver for Android mobile devices (and a promise that BlackBerry support is coming soon)

Along with the release of XenApp 6, Citrix is also releasing XenApp 5 Feature Pack 3, which will port as many of these features as possible back to Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 (non-R2) users.

Customers with current Subscription Advantage as of March 17 will be able to download XenApp 6 starting March 24. And, since XenDesktop 4 Enterprise and Platinum editions include full access to XenApp functionality, this applies to XenDesktop 4 customers as well as XenApp customers.

For more on the announcement, check out the following video from Citrix TV:

And for even more product information, see the XenApp 6 product page on the Citrix Web site.

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