How’s this thing work? or….. What can i do for a half hour while i wait for the next mini project to start!

Today I am looking for ways to use technology to improve my life!  Actually now that I think of it I do that most every day!  I find that if I provide myself the right working environment, so that I enjoy working on something, then the whole process is improved, AND I have more fun doing it! 

It might sound like i am trying to justify going out and buying an iPad, but actually I am happy to simply download a free app and save my money!  Besides I have a lovely tablet that I have been using for five years. In fact it has been the only thing that made my MAC friends envious! 

Several years ago after several family events where the topic seemed always switch to “look how cool my new MAC is”, I pulled out my Motion Tablet and started writing on the screen and as they looked on my handwriting turned to text and the same thing happened when I started speaking to it.  They were like “Dang you can do that with WinDOZE and i was like “Nah, this is x64-Vista baby!”. 

So today I went searching for Blog Authoring Tools and here is my first test.  I am writing this blog entry today using Windows Live Writer, and so far, I am reasonably impressed and the fun level is pretty good. 

My next endeavor if I have time before my XENServer 5.0 to 5.5 Upgrade this evening is to try a a Blog Authoring tool on one of my Linux Desktops.    (Testing one two three……..) 

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