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Mobile Productivity

Provide Employees with Anywhere Access to Business-Critical Information with ManageOps and Citrix

With today’s mobile workforce, employees in businesses of all sizes and in all industries want – or actually demand – remote access to business-critical apps and data to help them achieve work-life balance. They’re working from home offices, collaborating with customers and colleagues, working with stakeholders in different time zones, and using a variety of networks.

Forward-thinking businesses like yours are stepping up to deliver mobility because they are seeing the value of moving beyond just providing basic network access to providing secure, portable, always-on, always-connected working environments that follow and empower employees with access to business-critical apps regardless of their location, choice of device or connectivity.

According to analyst firm ESG, nearly one-third (32%) of IT professionals believe that mobile devices have become crucial for their organization’s business processes and productivity, while another 55% consider them to be very important.

When asked why their organizations were embracing mobile computing, more than half the respondents identified a desire to increase employee productivity (52%), improve specific business processes (51%), and/or provide employees with access to specific mobile applications and services for various lines of business (51%).

For some industries like banking, financial services, government and healthcare, real-time information enabled by secure mobility can make all the difference in critical decision making – having a drastic impact on revenue, economic decisions or even saving lives.

The end-user experience is of paramount importance in delivering mobile access to business-critical apps and the evolving threat and regulatory landscape is forcing IT organizations to achieve better security. They now need to protect critical business apps and data, maintain internal corporate standards and governance, and meet compliance and policy regulations for their industries.

But all of this is complicated many times over by the fact that employees are accessing apps and business-sensitive data over personally owned devices that are not controlled by IT. This creates security and management challenges for your IT organization as you need to provision, secure and support hundreds or maybe even thousands of devices and their data.

You know this is a necessary step for your business, but how do you make it all work?

App and desktop virtualization solutions from ManageOps powered by Citrix are the answer. Our solution empowers you to deliver the mobile access your employees need to business-critical information while delivering the security your business requires. And it simplifies IT management rather than adding complexity.


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