You Manage the Market. We’ll Take on the Tech.

Ad agencies use every class of technology – software, hardware and networks. You use high-power hardware and large, computing-intensive applications for creating and editing huge files. You use fast networks to send and secure those files and connect to repositories for controlled collaboration. And, you use big data, running and analyzing complex, multimedia campaigns and mining customer information for targeting those campaigns. All of that technology needs people to keep it running. At ManageOps, we install, update and test to ensure they integrate with all your existing software. Hardware goes through the same process. Each desktop, server, network appliance, or whatever it might be, has to be expertly installed, maintained and repaired. Networks are in the mix: you’re sending huge files that have to reach their destination fast and without error or attack.

Nowadays, CMOs spend more on tech than CIOs. Together, they’re becoming marketing technologists thriving during a new surge in tech. What a balanced and powerful partnership this is.