A New Citrix Trade-Up Program

At the recent Citrix Synergy conference, Citrix announced a new product bundle: the Citrix Workspace Suite, which consists of XenDesktop Platinum Edition plus XenMobile Enterprise Edition. The Workspace Suite is only licensed in a per-user model. Also, as we mentioned in an update to our blog post on Citrix Subscription Advantage, it appears that, with the advent of the Workspace Suite, Citrix is continuing to move to a more traditional model of “Software Maintenance,” that covers both product upgrades and 24×7 telephone support. Subscription Advantage by itself is not available for the Workspace Suite.

Purchasing the Workspace Suite does offer a bit of savings compared to purchasing the two products separately. A Workspace Suite license is $450 (MSRP) plus $99 for the required first year of Software Maintenance, for a total acquisition cost of $549. XenDesktop Platinum is $350 per named user, and XenMobile Enterprise is $226 per named user ($185 for the license plus $41 for the required first year of Software Maintenance), so buying the two products separately would cost you $27 more than buying the Workspace Suite.

Now, Citrix has announced a trade-up promotion for existing customers who would like to move to the new Workspace Suite. The cool thing about this promotion is that it is so widely applicable. If you own any version of XenDesktop, XenApp, or XenMobile, or if you own ShareFile Enterprise licenses, you can take advantage of this trade-up. If you own XenDesktop concurrent-use licenses or XenApp licenses (which have always been concurrent), you can get two Workspace Suite licenses for each license you trade up; otherwise it’s a 1 for 1 trade-up.

The trade-up price varies depending on what product you’re trading up from, what edition of that product you own, and whether you’re current on your Subscription Advantage. For example, the XenApp trade-up pricing looks like this:

Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition Platinum Edition
SA Current $373 $323 $298
SA Not Current $423 $373 $348

Note: All prices shown are MSRP and do not include any volume license program discounts.

Citrix is also offering a 10% discount on additional Workspace Suite licenses purchased on the same order as a trade-up, or a 35% discount if you purchase enough additional licenses to cover everyone in your organization.

You can find a handy trade-up calculator at www.citrixinformation.com/cwscalculator that will let you enter your existing license information and tell you what your trade-up will cost.

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